97% of Franchisees Succeed

February 9, 2018

It dawned on me the other day, as I sat in my office, that 2018 will be my 24th year working in franchising. Aside from wondering where on earth the time has gone, I considered how under-the-radar franchising still is in the UK. There are a vast number of people who do not appreciate its size or scale. And yet it has such an impact on our daily lives. To emphasise the point, here’s a snapshot of the current franchising scene:

  • There are over 44,000 franchise outlets in the UK
  • 600,000 people are employed in franchising in the UK
  • Franchising contributes over £15 billion to the UK economy

In an increasingly competitive market place, franchises stand as some of the most secure and successful options for those looking to go into business for themselves. In terms of pure profitability, this is certainly true. A massive 97% of all franchisees report themselves as being profitable. But why is this? Why is franchising so strong? From my experience as Franchise Recruitment Director for NIC I’ve put it down to two main reasons:

Franchising is everywhere

We all know some of the major names in franchising, but I doubt many people truly understand how integral franchises are in your own life. In fact, it’s very possible to think of a scenario where you go through an entire day only dealing with franchise businesses. For example:

You fill your vehicle with fuel from a franchised fuel station, and whilst you’re there you buy a take-away coffee and pastry from a franchise concession.

You get to work and take a parcel delivery; the courier is a franchisee. You go out to lunch and buy a sandwich (either a 6inch or a 12 inch), or a burger and fries; both from a franchise outlet.

The office you are working in is cleaned and maintained on a daily basis by a team of cleaners from a franchise commercial cleaning company.

In the afternoon you have an appointment to have your eyes tested, again a franchise.

And when you get home in the evening and don’t want to cook, you pick up the phone and order a pizza. Guess what? Right, it’s produced and delivered by a franchisee.

Franchises are everywhere, and for a very good reason.

In business for yourself, not by yourself

Many people continue to dream of owning their own business. Taking control of their lives and looking after their family. Naturally, most people are concerned at the risks involved and what might happen if they fail. These concerns are common, and I know for a fact that the most successful business people had the same feelings.

A franchise dampens these fears. It provides a safety net for the common issues faced when starting your business from scratch.

We like to say that as a franchisee you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. That’s because your franchisor will go through a series of meetings to ensure that you have all the attributes required to be a success. They will train and support you all the way. Because at the end of the day, your success is their success. It’s this support – and often a trusted brand name – that contribute to that 97% franchise success.

Take the first step

I’ve written several other blogs and articles that aim to help you start your franchising journey. I encourage you to read these as a starting point, whether franchising is new to you or you’ve been considering it for some time.

I also always urge potential franchisees to research their options thoroughly, and preferably talk to someone knowledgeable within the industry.

What better opportunity to take in all those options and speak to an industry expert than at The International Franchise Show London? I will be there, representing the NIC Management Franchise and will be ready to answer any questions on Stand 646. I will also be speaking at the event as part of their ‘Franchise Opportunities’ seminars on both Friday and Saturday.


Steve Calvert seminars:

  • Friday 16th February, 14:00, Franchise Opportunities Theatre 1
  • Saturday 17th February, 13:15, Franchise Opportunities Theatre 1

If you have any immediate questions about franchising, you can call me on 07801 594673 or 0845 409 0910. I’d love to introduce you to the NIC management franchise opportunity and help you take control of your future.

Steve Calvert, Franchise Recruitment Director

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