Could 2022 be the year to start a franchise?

December 14, 2021

Much like 2020, this year has taught us that life is too short to be stuck in a career you don’t enjoy and isn’t making the most of your skill and worth.

It may be time to reflect once more on the position you are in, and whether it is a path you want to follow. Are you feeling validated? Heard? Acknowledged? If not, then maybe it really is time for a change.

It is time to start thinking of our resolutions for 2022 and wondering how we can improve our lives after a year that has seen recovery, and some sense of normality coming back into the fray.

Despite the common feeling that the pandemic is slowly coming to an end, it is not necessarily the case as Covid-19 variants will continue to form and mutate. Nevertheless, this means that the cleaning industry will never be short of work, with an increased focus being put on organisations keeping their facilities clean and free of infection.

However, if the idea of franchising in a new industry is frightening to you, that is understandable. But do not fret! To forge a new path as a franchisee with NIC, you do not necessarily require any experience in the field. This potentially opens new doors for you, and can provide multiple other benefits to your career and your balance between work and life.

What next?

If you are reading this and realise you are not feeling fulfilled by your career, then this might be the time that you find a new calling.

Maybe your boss is asking too much of you, or you’re afraid of becoming too comfortable in your current role. These can be rectified if you decide to become a franchisee, simply because you hold all the cards.

If you desire a more flexible work-life balance, a franchise with NIC can offer that. As your own boss, you call the shots, and this can allow you to take more time off to recharge and recuperate. With the pandemic still rearing its ugly head, the flexibility offered by becoming a franchisee can help to relieve stress and provide a boost to mental health, a vital tool particularly in times like these. We all know that when people are happy and confident, they are more productive, and working at a comfortable pace can help aid these qualities.

Such a decision is not one that you should take lightly. By all means, take some time to think about if you are ready for such a change in your career. Take into consideration though, that the fulfilment you can get from being a franchisee will lead to fantastic developments in your personal and professional lives, if you apply yourself in the right manner and show conviction in your business.

Why a franchise with NIC?

If you decide to start a franchise with NIC, then you will be working with an established brand in a thriving industry. Cleanliness and hygiene have never been more important than it has been over the last couple of years, so as mentioned before, be sure to expect a lot of enquiries! For more information on why you should consider NIC, please visit this page.

With over 25 years of franchising experience, NIC has developed a network of successful franchise businesses in the cleaning industry throughout the UK. We and our network have developed to cater for the ever more important hygiene and safety standards in today’s world, making us the go to experts in our field.

Joining the NIC franchise family will give you access to a wealth of resources and franchise training programs that will teach you the skills you need to shine in your career as your own boss.

If starting a franchise is on your horizon, please get in touch with us, request a franchise pack or book a discovery day session.

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