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December 5, 2022

When starting a business, one of the biggest considerations is “when will I start earning a profit?” With a cleaning franchise business supported by our team of leading experts, you can start earning higher and much sooner than other franchise industries. That’s why so many business owners choose to start an NIC franchise!

NIC is a brand trusted worldwide to deliver outstanding cleaning services. In an £8.8B industry, NIC franchisees have the benefit of starting a recession-proof business, backed by 50 years of success and experience. When you start an NIC franchise, you have access to industry leading guidance and support from day one, increasing your chances of faster and consistent profitability.

Supporting you to earn more

NIC works with its franchisees to ensure a more stable business helping to secure a profitable and successful business. Franchisees will be given immediate support and contracts in the area, meaning that you will be earning profit as early as possible. That’s the NIC safety net – a rigorous, highly tested model that works the world over.

NIC operates a Business Builder Program. We understand the security of having an exact timeframe on when your business is profitable – our program supports your growth from day one. With a £30,000 investment level, dedicated sales and marketing teams work to help secure contracts inside your first year, giving you faster access to business that you’ll earn a profit on.

Franchising ROI

Getting funding is simple with NIC

Acquiring funding for your business is one of the biggest stumbling blocks to starting and being your own boss. NIC’s reputation makes getting funding for your business easy! We have great working relationships with several high street banks that support and invest in the franchise model we run.

NatWest is the leading bank for franchising in the UK, and we have an excellent working relationship with them. We also deal with franchise departments at HSBC and Lloyds, making it easy to get funding through these avenues. All of this means NIC can put you in a position to backup your own investment with a business loan that will allow you to build the business you’ve always dreamed of.

A Low-risk Investment

NIC sets your business up for success. With a proven business model that works all around the world, and with a support package that is designed to kickstart your business. Investing with NIC puts you in the strongest position to start a successful business. This is much less risky than going in alone, as you have access to our support package and the backing and reputation of an internationally recognised brand. Enterprising individuals thrive as NIC franchisees!

Franchising ROI

Unparalleled Support Package

Our support package is unrivalled in the franchise space. We handle all the administration, as well as the payroll, customer invoicing and detailed business statements once a month. Your franchise will also receive support, designed around growing your business, from a personal development manager.

You also get help with your operations – HR and IT systems provided by NIC integrate your business and allow you to spend more time running it.

Get Started and Earn a Profit

If you’re ready to start your business, request a franchise pack today. From here, arrange a meeting with one of the NIC team, at a time and place convenient to you. If it sounds like NIC is for you, it’s then time to invest. Just remember the 4 simple steps:

  1. Request a franchise pack
  2. Plan a meeting with us that’s convenient for you
  3. Choose your investment level
  4. Start earning potential from day one!

It’s that simple to start your business and make a profit with NIC!

Success Stories

Franchisee Chris

“I would say that if you’re prepared to work hard there are massive benefits to be had in owning a franchise. I would certainly recommend an NIC management franchise and with their simple 4-step process you could improve your earning potential in no time.”

Chris Marsden – NIC Franchisee

Franchisee Rob

“With NIC’s help and support I have managed to grow my business by over £700,000.”

Rob Hampton – NIC Franchisee

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4 Simple Steps to Success

Request a franchise pack

Request a franchise pack

Plan a meeting near you with NIC

Plan a meeting near you with NIC

Choose your investment level

Initial investment

Start earning from day one

Earning potential

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