The critical link between Franchise Discovery Days and making the right decision

September 19, 2018

Decision-making can take time. It’s a process of identifying and choosing alternatives based on values, preferences and beliefs. It’s a process of discovery. If you’re here then you’re more than likely thinking about franchising.

You’ve looked into the benefits, you think that you’re ready to make a positive change, but it’s still early in the process and that decision can’t be made without absolute conviction or cause to feel certain. Franchise Discovery Days are designed to do just that – one way or another, help you make an important decision.

franchise discovery day

What are Franchise Discovery Days?

A Franchise Discovery Day, or session is an ideal opportunity to gain a much greater understanding of suitability – It’s suitability in reference to the needs and wants of the potential franchisee, but also for the needs and wants of the franchisor. An important session that will tell you a lot in the space of only 2 hours or so.

It is important that both parties are confident that a beneficial and lucrative partnership can be developed. A good franchisor will take a number of decision-making principles into consideration, such as transferable skills, personality, drive and perhaps most importantly, enthusiasm.

In that regard, it’s not dissimilar to a job interview but be assured that unlike a job interview, the anxiousness and apprehension won’t surface. Instead, this is a chance for both parties to discover potential and possibility in an easy-going and relaxed environment.

Can’t I get the information I require elsewhere?

There is only so much research you can do online and only so many magazines you can read in your spare time. The power of face-to-face interaction with experienced and professional franchisors who live and breath the industry is irreplaceable.

It’s often difficult to do a franchising proposition the justice it deserves within the words restricted by an advert, editorial or web page and it’s for that reason that sometimes the full potential of any given franchise may not be clear-cut.

A discovery session allows the franchisor to set out, in a structured way, the franchise proposition and why it’s one that has substance – Substance in relation to its proven system, operational processes and invaluable support. It becomes an ideal platform to share the experiences of the franchise management team, be it in operation or in supporting the franchise network.

When is the right time to attend a Franchise Discovery Day?

In short, as early as possible.

The Discovery Day plays a key role in your final decision. I often see individuals booking Discovery Days who are quite a way into the research and have almost fully justified their considerations for franchising, but remember: ‘Which franchise is right for you’ and also ‘which individual is right for the franchisor’ are the two things that will be discovered during these sessions and this is something that needs to be identified much earlier in the process.

More often than not, they are attended by individuals who have already decided on their level of investment, have a clear understanding of earning potential, the industry in which the franchise conducts business and believe that they have the skill-set to go into business for themselves.

Lots of people arrive at these decisions because of the research conducted online or from the magazines they’ve read – not once talking to a professional face-to-face. In my opinion, booking a Discovery Day late on could mean that all of that research was an unfortunate waste of time.

I tend to believe that to get a true understanding of whether a franchise is right for you, sitting and discussing it face-to-face with the franchisor is of the utmost importance.

It’s why I hold Franchise Discovery Days and sessions with individuals as early in the process as possible. These sessions are always arranged at the preference of the individual and at a location close and convenient to them. This doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t visit the franchisors head office prior to the final decision though, because that alone can be an invaluable insight into the workings of the company and the support that could be at their disposal.

Why should I attend and how do I prepare?

A Discovery Day or session is the perfect opportunity to meet the face behind the name and to experience the franchisor in action. It also clearly determines how well-suited you are to the franchise model. Prior to attending, it is important to have clearly defined your objectives. The franchisor will have done exactly this. So, what should they be?

Franchisee’s objectives:

  1. To observe, recognise and understand the franchisors culture and own objectives
  2. To determine that their personality and objectives are compatible with those of the franchisor
  3. To feel convinced that the franchisor has substance and what they have discussed is accurate
  4. To get all remaining questions answered sufficiently
  5. To meet with other members of the franchisors support team
  6. To find out exactly what their responsibilities are

Franchisor’s objectives:

  1. To determine the suitability of a potential franchisee for their franchise
  2. To ensure the potential franchisee fully understands the structure of the franchise and their responsibilities
  3. To determine what the potential franchisee is looking for in a franchise, investment, earnings and commitments
  4. To confirm that the franchise can meet the objectives of the potential franchisee

Where does the Franchise Discovery Day sit within the decision-making?

It really can vary but most franchisors hold the Discovery Day towards the end of the process, when potential franchisees have done the early research and have had several conversations with franchisors. It is almost the final act prior to making the commitment.

At NIC we have a different approach. We hold discovery sessions early in the process, following an initial enquiry and phone conversation. These are held locally to the person making the enquiry at a time best suited to them. We encourage them to bring along their partners or anyone directly associated with the decision. We understand the importance and magnitude of the decisions you make in relation to your future, or to the potential benefit and balance of family life.

At an NIC Franchise Discovery Day or Session, we cover in detail, all of the really important facets of the franchise, such as:

  • The size of the commercial cleaning market in the UK
  • The support available in the operation and the growth of the franchisees business
  • The earning potential
  • The investment options
  • The guaranteed minimum gross profit payment in the first 12 months*
  • The training, both initially and ongoing
  • The use of proven marketing strategies
  • The benefits of and access to extensive industry experience
  • The importance of how you can work for yourself, but not by yourself
  • The ongoing mentoring programme available throughout the term of the franchise

We want to ensure that having listened to potential franchisees, and discussed their objectives in terms of investment, the needs associated with ongoing earnings and the support that is required, we as a suitable franchisor can convincingly deliver them.

We hold a second Discovery Day for suitable franchisees at our Head Office, which allows them to see first-hand, the business in operation. Once again, we invite partners to come along.

If this blog has convinced you that now is the time to get face-to-face then feel free to use our Discovery Day page to learn a little more about me and the support NIC provide. Alternatively, request a Discovery Day using the form below and we’ll arrange something that’s convenient for you.

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