This is your chance to make a change – Franchise opportunities in 2021

December 18, 2020

Christmas and new year holidays are great times for reflection. The time off with family and friends, away from the pressure and stresses of work are often welcomed with open arms. The new year implies new starts and new opportunities, and so it should.

What is the one thing that we all do at the start of a new year? We look at resolutions to improve our wellbeing or achieve our personal goals. But how many of us stick to them?

It is often the same with our careers, when we look to change our job which can eat into our family time and social life. Is it really enough to just simply think about change? A new year is a great time to think about a fresh start, a fresh approach and a fresh outlook on life but more importantly, a new year is a great time to finally act.

Opportunities are everywhere and 2021 promises to add new ones if you’re willing to be proactive and take your future into your own hands.

What does the opportunity look like?

First of all, there is the issue of Covid-19. Thankfully, the world is slowly beginning to get back to normal, and with the hope of vaccines on the horizon, there is faith that businesses will return to operating as normal sooner rather than later.

We would like to reassure people that a management franchise with NIC is recession proof, and the Covid-19 situation has actually increased the need for NIC’s cleaning services. Truthfully, there aren’t many better industries to be involved with right now! For more information on how we currently operate during the pandemic, read our Working with COVID-19 blog.

2021 will also kick off a new political landscape, with Britain’s impending exit from the EU on 1st January. From NIC’s point of view, our management franchise offer doesn’t change – businesses will still need cleaning – a daily requirement not affected by seasonal or economic influences, and therefore just as advantageous and gainful as ever.

With an annual spend in excess of £8.8 billion, and growing every year, the fact is that the commercial cleaning industry is showing no signs of slowing. As we prepare to leave the EU, NIC remain to be the ideal business opportunity and choice for new franchisees.

When you take a moment to really think about it, it is obvious – there really is no shortage of business opportunities in the commercial cleaning industry. Look around you – offices, shops and numerous retail outlets, factories, schools, hotels, event venues… the list goes on and these are places that need cleaning every single day.

How do you turn opportunity into reward?

An NIC management franchise rewards your time and effort. Our countless successful franchisees are testament to that and if you find the time, you should read about our £2m turnover franchisees Charlotte Eccleston and Kerry Miller.

If you share enthusiasm and ambition like theirs, then you’re halfway there. To put it simply, the opportunity is… to truly earn what you’re worth – something that you may feel is missing in your current job or situation. Only by working for yourself can you take advantage of that opening and the reward is the ability to manage your own time, improve your work/life balance and benefit from a low-risk investment and high profit.

NIC offer a minimum Gross Profit in year 1, subject to investment level (Learn more about investment levels and investment help) and that’s where NIC differentiate from many competitor franchise models. The guarantee alone highlights just how much opportunity is out there and suddenly, the reward from taking advantage of that opportunity is in sight and is tangible, can be planned for and importantly, set in a well-considered business plan.

Applying your enthusiasm and dedication is of course not the full ticket to success. You’ll need something else too…

Help along the way

NIC are always here to help, providing an experienced and safe pair of hands to train and support you in managing and developing your business. NIC couldn’t boast over 20 years of franchising experience in the commercial cleaning industry without a proven record of supporting profitable businesses.

Be your own boss whilst benefiting from NIC’s ongoing support, mentoring, training and advice. Here is what you get in a nutshell:

Complete administration support

  • Full payroll services
  • Customer invoicing and collection
  • PAYE and NI management
  • Detailed four-weekly business statements

Operations support

  • Implementation and mobilisation of new contracts
  • TUPE and Change Management
  • Health and safety
  • Supplier partners

Business growth support

  • Business development support, guidance and advice
  • Business Development Manager
  • Unique online quotation system
  • Local marketing plans and strategies

HR and IT

  • HR consultation and advice services
  • Personnel templates and procedures
  • Employee handbooks
  • Advisory and troubleshooting service

To find out more, click here.

Take the next step

It is important to fully understand the franchise you’re looking to invest in. If you’ve made the decision that franchising is right for you, then you need to make sure the franchise fits too.

There’s no better way to identify this than with a Discovery Day session. NIC recommend that you take the time to read the ‘critical link between Franchise Discovery Days and making the right decision’ blog to get a good understanding of just how important these sessions are. The blog will also show you how to prepare for these sessions, when the right time to book would be and what might be covered from an opportunities point-of-view. A Franchise Discovery Day is an important session that will tell you a lot in the space of only 2 hours or so.

Franchise Discovery Day Sessions are Covid-19 compliant and are designed to help you make an important decision, giving you a real insight into the business opportunities potentially at your fingertips. Request your session using the form below and we will organise something that’s convenient for you.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we hope your new year sees you take control of yours and your family’s future.

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