Stress in the workplace: Could franchising be your answer to a better work life?

April 13, 2021

There is a lot of pressure on individuals to work hard. This facilitates a culture of working beyond our realms of comfort, to the point where, occasionally, we burn out. Some of us feel that we have not truly worked hard enough until we are exhausted and stressed from the experience. This is not a healthy way to live though.

Some may argue that stress is not always a bad thing: it can allow you to stay focused and energised, helping you to stay on track and be extremely thorough with your work. However, the toll it can take on mental health and wellbeing is not enviable at all. If you are constantly working because, for example, you fear losing your job, even though the outcome is out of your control, if you are working simply to save your job, is it worth the torment?

With franchising, there is a much better opportunity to find a healthy balance and being your own boss can improve your time management, delegation of responsibilities and working with a team you can build a rapport with. Being your own boss improves not just the balance of work tasks but also your work and personal life.

Be the boss, manage your stress

Becoming your own boss may be daunting at first but it is a great opportunity to build an operation that works for you. The usual tropes of stress in the workplace can be managed much more effectively with a franchise. Let’s look at some of the ways you can keep stress at bay with a franchise:

Stay organised. Poor time management can cost you vital minutes, and sometimes hours, of lost time. This can lead to people working beyond their contracted hours, making up for the time they have lost. There are many ways that these issues can be overcome, be it the use of time management software, or simpler techniques such as structured calendars and email task management. As your own boss, you manage your own time and can manage expectations directly.

Ask others for help. As a franchisee you can prioritise the tasks that are worth your time. For the sake of yourself and the business, do not be scared to delegate certain jobs to others. As an NIC franchisee, you benefit from ongoing administrative, operational, payroll and invoicing support. There is also mentoring support when experienced insight is required.

Do not let your job take over. Being your own boss and getting time management and the right support from your team nailed, you can spend your free time away from work. No more checking your emails constantly while you are supposed to be putting your feet up. Turn off your mobile phone and spend quality time with family and friends. It will make a difference not only to yourself, but those around you will reap the benefits of your lack of stress. As a franchisee, setting your own hours can really help you to keep your stress to a minimum.

Exercise. Physical activity has proven to be an effective method of reducing stress. The NHS recommends that adults take 20 minutes of exercise per day, and this does not necessarily have to be pumping iron in the gym. Take a walk, go for a jog, or do some straightforward home-based exercises. For many, finding time for this is rare in most jobs, so new franchisees are often experiencing this for the first time.

Give yourself some credit. Acknowledge that what you do, not a lot of people have the courage to do. Take some time to recognise how far you have come, and the milestones you have reached. When you begin to feel overwhelmed, these thoughts will bring you back down to Earth and will give you the confidence you need to go forward with your work.

Figures just before the Covid-19 pandemic have shown that around a third of all medical fit notes relate to mental health issues, and these conditions are annually costing the UK economy £15 billion. Mental health is clearly nothing to be scoffed at, and NIC recognises that. Our franchisees are given all the support they need from day one and for the full term of the franchise but if our franchisees are ever struggling in any way, we will provide support in whatever form we can. A problem shared is a problem halved.

Why franchise with NIC?

As one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial cleaning and support services, NIC will use its experience to help those who are up to the challenge. By allowing you to be your own boss, you hold the keys, all whilst benefiting from NIC’s ongoing support, mentoring, training and advice.

If the freedom supplied by being part of a franchise might be the key to reducing your stress levels, you might consider joining the NIC franchise family. We will give you access to a wealth of resources and franchise training programs that will teach you the skills you need to shine in your career as your own boss.

If starting a franchise is on your horizon, please get in touch with us, or for more information about NIC and our services, follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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