Franchising unlocks a truly rewarding work-life balance

November 24, 2020

work-life balance

The subject of work-life balance has taken centre-stage in recent months, perhaps because this year has been a completely unexpected process of adaptability for many people and businesses. Different priorities have come to the forefront, meaning that a lot of people have had to quickly get on board with a different way of working.

In order to lower the risk of spreading the Covid-19 virus, more of us are being asked to work from home, or at the very least, adopt a more flexible approach. This affords people more freedom to manage their own time and how that time is allocated towards working and their personal lives.

Franchisees are no strangers to managing their own time, as it offers them an opportunity to become their own boss, all while benefitting from the perks that come with working for an established business – the franchisor. And it goes without saying; high effort wields high rewards.

Your situation today should inform your tomorrow

If you are currently employed and are left concerned about having this flexibility taken away, the closer we get to reverting to the norm, then franchising would be an ideal avenue to explore. Equally, if the current situation has left you concerned about the future of your position or you are already a victim of lay-offs, there are management franchise opportunities with NIC that will allow you to really earn what you’re worth and gain that work-life balance control that is proving to be one of the most sought-after perks for any modern manager.

Furthermore, in a year which has taken so much away from so many people, a lot of workers are looking to take something back. A more flexible balance between work and your personal life might be preferable right now, allowing you to prioritise what is most important to you.

work-life balance franchising

Healthy work-life balance = Healthy you

With many of us working beyond our means to fight against the current pandemic, a lot of people may be feeling the stresses of work. A flexibility between work and personal tasks has proven to lower stress levels, improving the mental health of so many people; this is especially important at such a time when people have felt hopeless and scared about what the future holds in a post-pandemic world. Looking after yourself is a huge priority, and this encompasses both your professional and personal lives.

Starting a franchise does not mean you will be starting an independent business from scratch but instead, working with an already well-recognised brand. This means that efforts can be focused on driving new business, managing your people effectively and being safe in the knowledge that you are fully supported. Should franchisees run into any trouble with their operations, they have experts to turn to for any issues from HR and payroll to business development assistance.

work-life balance

With over 20 years of franchising experience, NIC has developed a network of successful franchise businesses in the cleaning industry throughout the UK. We and our network have developed to cater for the ever more important hygiene and safety standards in today’s world, making us the go to experts in our field. If starting a franchise is on your horizon, why not get in touch with us?

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